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quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2013


I lost a friend, a friend that i knew for a long time ago....

Being part of Tata Mai Lau traditional dance group allowed me to know knew people from different ethnicities and different roots...

Those with whom we identify most were without a doubt from West Papua and Maluku... Holland was where we met back in 1996. Those kind, beautiful and unique people like us Timorese people were fighting for Freedom aiming for justice and peace.

Like us, they never gave up and they never will untill the day Indonesia leaves the people alone...

Jofrey was whom i could keep in touch since than, i never met someone so loyal and truthful for a cause...

Unfortunately he left us and can no longer keep fighting for his country. Papua lost a voice but didn't lost the strenght to keep fighting.

To you my dear friend, Distance is not an obstacle, but it’s a strong reminder of how meaningful and powerful a  friendship can be...

by a simple friendship waves of solidarity will build up!

Selamat Jalan Jofrey Korwa,



Dalia Kiakilir Agostinho
June, 13 2013

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