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domingo, 23 de junho de 2013

Timor Leste to Join ASEAN [ Cartoon ART - Part I]

Imagine if Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea could join ASEAN, hopefully there could be more integrated community economically, socially, and politically against outside forces (China, USA) in South East Asia. Both China and USA has the unfortunate habit of fighting their war outside of their country and we don't need to be involved in their quarrels. Plus ASEAN trading bloc that accommodates 500 million people whose economies have enjoyed unprecedented growth could help other economy of fellow new ASEAN members like Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea. 

Sure there're still problems in Papua New Guinea and Timor leste, but you know what, about 15 years ago, ASEAN was sharply criticized for allowing Cambodia, Laos and Burma into the trading bloc. The three were seen as either ill-equipped, corrupt or morally bankrupt. Those criticisms were probably justified, but with the benefit of hindsight, Cambodia and Laos are now much better places because of their admission, despite their flaws. Burma is showing some signs of finally opening up. The bait has been Naypyidaw’s desire to exercise its right to chair the prestigious annual ASEAN summit in 2014.

Times have since changed, ASEAN has evolved into a formidable political institution, and perhaps the ASEAN should re-visit Papua New Guinea’s and Timor Leste's application. So, what do you guys think?

by *Dinosaurusgede
Timor Leste OC designed by "bentez"

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