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sábado, 8 de março de 2014

Pacific women rise up for a Free West Papua!

All credit given to Sangeeta Singh and Oceania Interrupted for this photo
'Our freedom as indigenous Māori and Pacific women in Aotearoa New Zealand is inextricably bound up with that of our Pacific West Papuan brothers and sisters.'- Oceania Interrupted

Our mouths are adorned with the Morning Star flag as symbol of enforced West Papuan silence. 

Our hands are bound to symbolise the lack of freedoms experienced by West Papuan people. 

Our voices and movement are restricted to symbolise the lack of freedom of expression of political opinion, the lack of access to just and equitable resources, the lack of access to free and independent media. 

Our bodies are adorned with black to celebrate the female form and to draw on black as a symbol of mourning.

On behalf of the Free West Papua Campaign and the people of West Papua, thank you so much indigenous Māori and Pacific women in Aotearoa New Zealand. 
Also, all supporters around the world for standing up for your suffering Melanesian brothers and sisters across the Pacific.

With your help, West Papua will finally be free from this illegal Indonesian occupation!

Take Action on Our Campaign!


Republished by Dalia Kiakilir
13 March 2014
Source: Free West Papua Campaign Facebook

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