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sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2015

A Message of Condolences from associated Solidarity Friends in The Netherlands, formerly known as RENETIL - The Netherlands

A Message of Condolences from associated Solidarity Friends in The Netherlands, formerly known as RENETIL - The Netherlands

1995, occupation of the parliament hall The Hague, The NetherlaNDS. This was a protest against the opening of the gate of the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta - allowing the Indonesian police and military to arrest Timorese activists and their sympathizers who had climbed the fences to attract attention of the media and the international community. It was the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Van Mierlo who had made a deal with his Indonesian colleague Alatas and gave the green light to open the fence, followed by a public and official statement that all activists had walked free. The series of protests (of which the picture above was the second) was initiated to uncover the lies about the safety of the (arrested) activists - and to release the list of names of those arrested and tortured at military compounds. We made front page news in all national newspapers - plus we were the first item in the national news on TV.
Dear friends,

Dear relatives, colleagues and comrades of maun Fernando “La Sama” de Araújo, members of the grand family of RENETIL, Thank you for providing the opportunity to share our shock and grief with you. Please forgive us for writing these words in English, and please forgive us for not being able to find words of comfort for you.

How can any language provide the appropriate words, when we deal with the sudden and unexpected loss of a very special brother - who inspired so many people around the world to join hands and stand together for freedom, justice and democracy for the people of Timor Leste.

In the early ‘90s, when we were young and inexperienced activists, it was a serious challenge for us in The Netherlands to raise awareness and solidarity for Timor Leste. We were young, we were all born after the era of our country’s colonialism in Indonesia.

The generation of our grand-parents choose to not speak about our history of colonial and often ruthless rule. In silent embarrassment over this past, the generation of our parents choose to not criticize Indonesia, and therefore closed their eyes to what was happening in Timor - and how these atrocities continue in West Papua until today.

As young activists in The Netherlands in the early ‘90s, it often seemed like talking to brick walls when ever we attempted to raise the topic of boycotting the delivery of weapons to Indonesia by our government. The generation of our parents told us over and over again that we needed to understand that we should not criticize these matters. In our country, Indonesia was the past - and must stay in the past.

A change to this silent attitude began after the images of the Santa Cruz Massacre, and when young Timorese started telling their stories around the world - also in our country. Young Timorese, members of RENETIL... they knew so well how to connect to the activists in every country they visited on their speaking tours - and how to become our friends.

These young members of the RENETIL family told the stories of the present - not the past. And with these stories of the present, even in our country people had to wake up and be confronted with the horrific consequences of silence. We shared our homes and accompanied our RENETIL comrades to meetings, to the media and to other networks of activists.

And soon we found more friends in solidarity: activists from the Maluku and West Papua communities in our country. They had experienced the consequences of the silence about colonial times. They experienced what it means when there is no way to go home. This is how we all connected in solidarity, and together we became RENETIL - The Netherlands.

At the time we formed RENETIL - The Netherlands, maun Nando was already arrested and in prison. We were proud to continue what he had started, we were proud to be part of the grand family of RENETIL.

In The Netherlands, we continued to act, demonstrate, write and speak as part of RENETIL until the Referendum in 1999. But we were Dutch, Maluku and West Papua activists - united through inspiration, aspiration and solidarity. This is what a brother like maun Nando means to us, he brought us together as one family.

Maun Nando continued to be an inspiration after the Referendum, and after the Restoration of Independence, and along the steps and stages of the nation of Timor Leste. His dedication to human rights and democracy was - and will always be - an inspiration and a great example of endurance and dignity.

We will remember him fondly and we will treasure the path that he paved.

Kompaneiru Maun La Sama,
 Selamat jalan
Boa viazen
Your comrades,
 RENETIL - The Netherlands

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