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sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

Final Results! UK Opt OUT of EU

Leaving the EU certainly represents a significant change in British politics and for society at large, issues discussed at length.

Many people are preoccupied with how long it would take to completely withdraw from the EU. According to experts, the minimum time period following the vote to leave would be two years, although it may take considerably longer.

Throughout this time, the UK would be obliged to obey EU treaties and laws, but would not be able to take part in any decision-making, as a withdrawal agreement would not allow for UK influence in EU policies. This would mean that the earliest that we would be fully politically divorced from the EU would be by the end of June 2018.

It is likely that a domino effect will ensue, both inside the UK and globally, causing several occurrences to happen at once. David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister "Britain have chosen a different path of mine"- says the Prime Minister, stating also that "This is a ship I can no longer command".

Likely candidates for a replacement PM include Boris Johnson, Theresa May, and Michael Gove.

British politicians will begin in-depth renegotiations with Europe and would be forced to set up new trade agreements both with Europe and the rest of the world. There is a possibility that EU leaders will complicate this process to deter any other EU member states from following in Britain’s example.

Nobody can say for certain what impacts Brexit will have on the UK, and it may take years for the effects to be keenly felt, as the process would be a gradual one. The economic repercussions of Brexit are likely to be substantial.

It is probable that the value of the pound will drop even lower. Share prices will also fall noticeably, particularly banking stocks and multinationals. The Bank of England may increase interest rates in order to stop the sterling plummeting any further, which would affect the general public in the form of higher costs of mortgages and loans.

There is mush debate regarding what might happen to British house prices. Although no EU citizens will be asked to leave, some concerns exist that millions of EU citizens will voluntarily quit the UK, creating a flood of vacant housing. Other factors that will effect house prices will be the aforementioned interest rates, and the general state of the newly independent British economy.

Many British laws and acts will have to be reassessed and potentially rewritten, as many of them coincide with EU legislation. These laws cover a tremendous variety of issues, including employment rights, environmental protection, and migration. However, if Britain chose to adopt Norway’s model and remain in the European Economic Area, most of the EU-derived laws would be maintained.

The legal process to actually leave European Union will be long, it is said that it will take an average 2 years to UK divorce from EU.

No European Citizen that is allready livin in the UK will be asked to Leave,  residence and working VISAS would apply,  though in the other hand comming IN will be different. Immigration Controll will step in.

There is no reason to major concerns to all the EU citizens that are allready living in the country!

June 24 2016

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