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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016

The Biggest Critic in Your Life

It’s easier to complain about the outside critics, but the biggest critic in your life usually lives between your own two ears. Working up the courage to move past your own vulnerability and uncertainty is often the greatest challenge you’ll face on the way to achieving your goals.

When I released my first album LIAFUAN, it wasn’t the criticism from outsiders that held me back. It was my own mind worrying whatt people would think. Who she is? Her vocals are weak, she cant sing the all.
I didn’t tell anyone about what I was doing because I was so worried about what they would think about it. But that didn't stopped me.

When I started writing in my blog www.kiakilir.blogspot. com . It wasn’t the hurtful comments from readers that prevented me from getting started. It was my own fears about what they would think if I wrote about the things I cared about. InevitabIy I ended writing articles giving my own opinion about whatever subject I felt important, always abou my country Timor-Leste. I wrote my ideas, I'certainly criticised, i've given opinions, I've shared the most beautiful and important matters.

When I embraced Global Voices, as a journalist I knew the weight of responsibility in writing and the vows and rules to follow obliged by the journalism conduct. Anyhow negative comments didnt stopped...

We'll... the public is though, there is no way that you will please everyone  at the same time, People will love You, People will hate you, people will know you, people will pretende that they don't know you.

In the end I am doing what I feel is right and most important to me what I most enjoy and love doing. And that  is a job for free but more valuable than  any other job. My Satisfaction is My pay...

Those are just some examples of the types of internal fears and criticism that so often prevent us from getting started on our goals. It can take a lifetime to learn that just because people criticize you doesn’t mean they really care about your choice to do something different. Usually, they simply criticize and move on.

I know that whenever I choose to take a risk and share my work with the world, there will only have two incomes, LIKE or DISLIKE and people do that intentionally and/or unintentionally.... only God knows the truth...

On one hand, I believed in myself and I knew that I wanted to contribute something to the world around me. But on the other hand, I was scared that people wouldn’t approve of my work and would criticize me when I started sharing the things I cared about or believed.

“You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you.”

Today, with 35 years of age, I know I can do more than what I allready did. My own brand of perfumes released in the United Kingdom  selling in my online store my brand  of perfumes BUIBERE and MAUBERE its just a kick start. And this is a lifetime project, a project that I hope to pass to my children, grand children and future generations.  A project that not will only make them remember of me as a mother, grand mother but also NEVER FORGET WHO THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY COME FROM. OUR beloved country TIMOR-LESTE!

I haven't done anything great yet, honestly, I feel I don't have to because the greatest award is the satisfaction of creating something through my visions my thoughts and beliefs, and this is not given but earned.

My life is my great MASTER and my GIFT my BELIEF.


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