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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Dalia Kiakilir "My Self"

"Ohin hau pinta aban ho perspektiva matak, ho larametin
katak realidade bele mosu hanesan iha hau nia mehi!"

Dalia,  Was born in DILI East Timor in 1981 but raised and grown in Portugal since 1984, her singing career started in a Cultural Dance Group from East Timor "TATA MAI LAU" that through ages performed all through the world presenting Timor tradicional dances and desire of Freedom and Peace to her country, TATA MAI LAU was able to perform at the Cerimony of NOBEL PEACE PRIZE in 1996 to the awarders Dr. JOSE RAMOS HORTA and Bishop D. XIMENES BELO!

Never thinked about doing something about her songs just since 2009 she started a project with her very first album LIAFUAN "Words from the Heart" released at 2011-04-04 , avaliable in stores in DILI.

In 1988 Dalia also performed as an actress in a Timorese Movie FLORES AMARGAS released and presented in Portugal. Movie directed and produced by Margarida Gil

In the Album Dalia expresses her feelings about Love and Life, the album is composed by 9 tracks, 6 in TETUM "Timor Language", 2 in English and 1 in Portuguese!

DALIA's ready to introduce her self to world through music representing her country EAST TIMOR.

She is proud to be part of the Project BREATH OF PEACE of NHK from JAPAN wich brought together by music several artists from different nations to give their voices and spread their desire of Peace Love and Harmony!

DALIA's song number 2 ITA NIA RAIN "Our Land" was selected by NHK and BREATH FOR PEACE to represent EAST TIMOR to worldwide in Peace Cause!

"Remember, Through Music everything is Possible, 
all the goals can be achieved,
Peace, Love, Freedom and Harmony!"

Beyond music she is very passionate in writting, about everything that matters, everything that is important and even not important, everything that inspires her, and most of it about her beloved country Timor Loro Sae!

Since July 12, 2012
Kiakilir blogspot was an idea based on her vision, perspective, dreams and beliefs. In this little space Dalia intend to register her most striking historical moments, moments that are around her life and her roots. 

Liafuan Album Promotion:

Liafuan Album Tunes @ Forum Haksesuk:

As said by her self, 
                       "Today, I will draw tomorrow with a raw perspective, 
             strongly faithful that reality will become just as I've dreamed of"

Feel free to visit this space at any time!

By Dalia HerSelf!


9 comentários:

  1. dalia i am so proud of your quoted ..when I visit your blog ...i just say amazing ....go a head & success as always with you dalia...

    1. Thank you so much for this kind message my friend, God Bless U, Much Love <3

  2. avante sempre Dalia..!!
    Deus te acompanha..:)

  3. Orgulho tebes bele lee informasaun konaba arte no musika nebe sita iha blog nee...

  4. Espera iha tan Dalia foun atu mosu hodi nune'e bele haburas liutan mundu ne'e ho arte no muzika...

  5. Oi Dalia como estas? As suas musicas sao musicas maravilhosos. Posso perguntar onde que eu posso baixar as suas musica?
    Desejo tudo que bom pra voce.....

  6. Great move and keep it up to share the world what you have, Go a head Timor Leste Woman

  7. Dalia, you have a great talent, keep it up, you are one of our best as Timoresse, congratz