domingo, 22 de julho de 2012

A Child Dream

How our words influences the childrens
[We have the power to help them build their dreams or to destroy them]

They say that humans are motivated by their dreams. However, over the course of life, our dreams are being pruned and often forgotten by people who have shelved their own with phrases like: "That does not give money," or "This is not good for you." Probably many of us, if not all, have heard "advice" like this and sometimes we find ourselves about to say something to someone. One question that remains in the air is how someone can be so sure of what is good or not for another person?

This attitude, like almost all others, had its origins in our childhood, during which we received many negative sentences, some in order to protect our integrity, and others that end up destroying many of our dreams.

When we talk with the children, we must think through everything we say. Our words have great power over them. We have the power to help them build their dreams or to destroy them. Unfortunately, most discouraging them without even being aware.

The next time you find a child, ask her what she would like to do when she grows up. Praise her for such a dream and ask the reason for her choice. Make her reflect and discover her true reason for this goal. If it is not really what she wants, she will even discover a new dream. It is not for us to choose our own desires or impose on them. Sometimes, the dream of a child is motivated by people closer together, sometimes by what she sees on television, but the legitimate is that which comes from within. Teaching a child that we should always aim for a dream, no matter what age we have is something she takes for a lifetime. If you ever get disoriented or without direction, you can look within themselves the true reason for living.

The real dream is not one that comes the desire for power or fame of our ego, but that which comes from our core essence motivated only by our love and happiness.

by Dalia Agostinho
Oxford, July 22 2012

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