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To live is to Question, and Challenge is to Live

To Live is To Question, and Challenge is to Live 
Life is Part of an Exercise.
To Live is To Question, and Challenge is to Live

I do not sit down to aim the horizon and see everything that happens. I try to think about how everything is created in the transformation of this scenario that I present. 

So I'm going beyond my senses, I'm trying to use my logical ability to connect what I see, what I think and if it combines to what to believe. And much of what our senses present to us is a garbled form of perceiving things, what we have to ask is if the concerned that invades us is the real world. We live in an imaginary world that becomes a real world, because life has a Reason, and the reason is what we made of it. In Sum. Everything in reality is part of the imagination, though we think the contrary, the imagination of our minds to work and all that creates the uniqueness is that we particularize, but question our imagination is a form of knowing that we have the ability to go beyond us . Is this the way that life gives us to evolve?, and nothing in our species, all the way through it would be gone? if not, we put doubts in our questions, all this transformation what we allowed, is our survival and we get what we presently have. 

Many of us let ourselves be carried away by the response of facilitism that come to us to complete the question that plagues us. But as much as many might have similar responses, it is not the correct answer to the question. Only we have to justify the questions that life offers, and more than a response already established that we think fits in to what we ask, we have to question the truth of everything that can encompass issues. To live is to question. And challenge is to live, and more than that is what allows us beyond what we can do and mentally, to take care of us do not fall into a surreal world.

Many think that this is a waste of time, many uses it as a form of reaching the goals they ever dreamed of, forgetting that Truth is always there and it's Real so... no matter how long it takes one day Truth will seek for us! sometimes we mix our imagination making it seems to be real, it's ok when we use it as a form of fun, entertaining or joy, but if you use it to the opposite the result cannot become as you expect it to be.

Thinking is an evolutionary way of us as a life is so, and we are not static to see it, we'll always choose paths and shortcuts to try to reach our objective, that is all that fills us and tells us that this is all the questions we ask and the answers of life that enlightens us. I know and i feel and i seek for an answer, i know that is there I CAN SEE IT, though is hidden to everyone's eyes, I won't move an inch to prove anything because this is Real, this is me , and this is a Fact.

Questioning is to live, it is said that this part of our body still leads us to the capacity we use our mind that tells us we can all do to get up that which is laid at our feet and lock in the way.

Finally, one day everything will go off, but while is not, allow Us the right to live!

Life is Part of an Exercise,
To Live is To Question, and Challenge is to Live

By Dalia Agostinho
Oxford, july 26 2012

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