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Is the Opposition weak or the Government does not have Opposition?

Today, May 10, 2013, I thought I'd write about a subject which in my opinion we can not be indifferent. Contrary to what some think is not just a mere coincidence or a simple "problem" have appeared that aroused the curiosity dormant in our reality but because the reality that it's experiencing in Timor, wich is injustice, inequality, or if you want to call "Lack of Consideration for all Timorese People".

It is politically correct when we say that the people are sovereign and democratic, and the Constitution says that the people is sovereign and has the power to exercise sovereignty intermediate with their representatives in government. However this statement is contradictory because the reality is that for us (people) remains just the universal suffrage wich is the right to vote in elections with no chance to control and decide on public life retrospectively. In this sense what is written in the Constitution is not entirely correct and is deluded or deceptive. This results in a defect in the democratic system "maybe."

There comes a point where we wonder: "tindakan terlarang di depan mata semua orang, rakyat mengeluh, tapi siapa yang mendengarkan" Or in english "illegal act is before the eyes of all, the people complain, but who listens?"

The main influencive reason to expose this situation is not the fact that i'm against the position taken by the Ministry of Tourism to create the Pageant Miss Timor, but the way in which it was used by the Ministry to promote and advertise to the Public this same event when themselves are aware that the Pageant Event / Project itself is not included in the State Budget (OGE) 2013. Well, according to a survey conducted by the newspaper Timor Post the action plans of the Ministry of Tourism in 2013 aret:

- Activity carnival, sunset market;
- Timorensia Festival Carnival;
- Festival of Atauro solidarity economy;
- Christmas and New Year Party;
- Dili Marathon;
- Sport Fishing;
- Photo Competition marine;
- Race Horses and fire department;
- Border Culture Festival.

Hopefully the National Parliament consider the People voices and take a position that is Right, Just, and unanimous for all parties, because it is clear that this project Miss Timor with a budget of $ 200,000 elite is much less urgent priority to simply ignore the discontent about the tort by the way how they are progressing it.

"Don't tell me if they want to proceed with the project, the same can not be postponed to the year 2014 presenting the proposal to Parliament and fulfilling what the State Budget law requires?" So that once and for all the people don't to feel ignored and consequently with proud can support the Miss Timor that may represent in the future our country in Miss Universe Pageant? Overall all Timorese Women are beautiful and intelligent, with equal level to all women around the world. There is none that is ugly nor one that is less intelligent.

A question was posted by me was:

"The 2013 State Budget was approved unanimously with the support of the Opposition, result 64 MPs voted in favor including opposition party Fretilin and 1 did not give his vote (for being absent). Automatically the State Budget (OGE) 2013 had no opposition, standing us without knowing who is going to control and monitor the implementation of that budget.

The Project Miss Timor's Ministry of Tourism is an example that clearly shows the lack of control, the National Parliament has no knowledge and indeed the very opposition became voiceless (WHY??). Unfortunately tort Kalbuadi Lay Minister was met with a strong reaction (pressure) of the Public (people) instead of Deputies and the Opposition itself. They do have power and responsibility as representatives of the People.

Benefit of the doubt:  Is the Opposition weak or the Government does not have Opposition? "

In fact these issues make us doubt without knowing what the right answer on the subject referent and also on any issue that may arise in the future if the opposition maintains its position.

The opinions of the public selected by considering more relevant to the specificity of the subject itself is from Mr. Zé Luís oliveira,  Joaozito Viana, Abilio Caldas, Dionisio Berdato Corte-Real and Talik Reis:

Zé Luis Oliveira From the beginning i've said to always be "alert" to the class of the bourgeoisie. They are all the same, If you look at the law of the annuity, they support each other. Now the question is, they will take advantage of this "class" until when? Money Oil maybe 20 years from now will decrease, then where will they live? In Paradise? I hope people can open their eyes and see clearly who does this to "enjoy" and "steal" the wealth of the people, so we can help each other in a future crisis.

In the context of there 10-20 years ago, perhaps the role of the Opposition has had an important performance ensuring good governance (check and balance), but the "gap" or weakness of the multiparty system is what makes the leaders of the parties become an "elite" or develop for two political parties that are more influenced, so the "political ideology" as "engine" for change becomes "weak" because they have perks as "state elite class."

If we look at the context of now, it is difficult to differentiate ideologies that they identify wich is "left" or "right". All are equal. The Party of "left" can do coalition with the party of "right" (PST), and thus collaborate with (Fretilin). In my view, this phenomenon is "unfaithful" the parties who see the Policy Lifetime Pension (Fretilin Opposition in 2007), then the AMP governance (in which case the PST was also part of AMP), and last in this year 2013 where Fretilin also "betrays" with the Bloc Coalition Government (BKG) through the "offer" Development Project Oecusse.

A reflection for us, the elite political parties have joined, what is the meaning of democracy? We are still a democracy or are we in oligarchic regime? These recent events that happened as, the appointment of Arif Sagran to the CNE by Fretilin party which had several protests in CCF also has to conform to said "boss" of Fretilin, the unconstitutional act of the President of the Republic on the trip to Rome without the authorization of the National Parliament and the assignment of the First Lady Mrs. Isabel as "Vice President", the opposition party was only "silent" and thus also with the Project Miss Timor, the Fretilin MPs only asked Chico Kalbuady but "soft and light" (simply expressing the position of civil society - without firmly assert their own position). However the consequence of our state will be a "Banana state". Now we all understand or not what is a "state banana"?

Viana Joaozito The extra-parliamentary opposition may prove to be an option, but it is clear that this option shows still to be weak and not yet organized. The final decision always depends on the good will of the rulers.

Abilio Caldas Opposition in Parliament continues to function and still plays their skills recently on commission D this was discussed and it was broadcast by TVTL to mark the position of its members, so on Monday will be presented at the plenary power to take a decision, the competency of the deputies as "supervisors" continues to function so the Secretary of State Parliamentary always mark their presence in the Session to receive these suggestions and criticisms of this Government. These are good ways to link between Parliament and the Government. There are issues that are most important to our own life and the good development of this nation.

Dionisio Berdato Corte-Real would be very nice if the leaders Partisans wanted to collaborate and work together to serve the State of Timor, but it is bad when there is no culture for and against ideas during a debate to decide something ... Better still if the union remains in the future... or to increase a further 20 seats in parliament in order to invite the leaders of the churches and civil society to occupy these places and have voice as Opposition to this government.

Talik Reis In football team when a player wants to play as he wants, without following the guidance of the game and the team, who's to blame? 2007-2012 The Opposition said that corruption was increasing up to the minister of justice to answer in court, but the money had been diverted so far we do not know whereabouts (OGE 2007 no report, amending the increase, the report is not appeared until the entry of the 2013 State Budget. Who is the coach?

I leave you with these views and my exposure so we can all read and reflect, however reminiscing about the last comment from my fellow Talik Reis, my answer is ...: Coach commands off the field, but players field are controlled by the referees with the support of the line judges. When the referees whistle barely, what happens?

Dalia Kiakilir Agostinho
Oxford, May 10, 2013

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